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Independent research and development products, independent intellectual property rights, professional technical team,

Complete project management and R & D system, with perfect verification means and conditions。

Application of international, professional management system, strict quality process control, to ensure the safety, stability and reliability of the product.
The company has international top and high-end manufacturing equipment, such as Germany ZP12 gear grinding machine, Italy G500H gear grinding machine, Demargi 80 and Demargi 100 and other advanced manufacturing equipment, to ensure the accuracy of product design technical requirements。
The company has complete inspection and test equipment, test equipment and materials properties, a tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, anti sulfur analyzer, projector, projector and optical detection equipment, detection equipment including coordinate detection machine, gear direction detection machine, wheel testing equipment。
Has its own technology development center and excellent professional development team, at the same time has a professional production management team
The company has always adhered to the principle of independent innovation, with independent design, research and development of a total of 16 patented products, while constantly self-help optimization, self-improvement, self production, self-control costs, cost-effective。

The company of all customers cash as good as gold, service commitment, in according to the customer service information feedback within 5 hours to reply.
For now 24 hours of service at home, arrived at the scene within 48 hours; 48 hours after the completion of the visa period of foreign customers, promptly arrived at the scene, in the service let you Houguwuyou。

Hubei VAILLANT Tatsu transmission Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2010, is the urban rail transit equipment (subway, light rail) and railway construction machinery and equipment supporting high-tech enterprises. The company is people-oriented, pay attention to the cultivation of talents and the potential of employees, to "continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence" for the enterprise purpose, adhere to the "integrity, unity, pragmatic, innovative" spirit of enterprise. The company has strong strength,
Free gear transmission
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